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Our Maternity Shoot

We had the privilege of having Lizelle Krige from Lizelle Krige Photography & Newborn Art do our Maternity Shoot with this bub. She did our Maternity and Newborn Shoot with Leah as well. We could not have asked for a more perfect winter’s day. It […]


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Tomorrow we meet you, little bub. This pregnancy journey has been quite something else for me. The ridiculous excitement when we found out on Chrsitmas morning of 2017, went hand in hand with ridiculous fear and anxiety. With each blood test, doctor’s appointment, scan, growing […]

The journey so far

The journey so far

Today, I am 31 weeks into this pregnancy. It has been different than my first pregnancy, with little L. It has gone from constant anxiety in the first trimester to being exceptionally thankful for a healthy little bub. I absolutely took my first pregnancy for […]

Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy

Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy

When you reach your second trimester (usually), if it already hasn’t, your baby belly will start to pop! Sometimes the quick growth results in stretch marks. Women most often get stretch marks on their tummy, thighs, hips and their breasts during pregnancy. With my first […]


Finding Joy after a Pregnancy Loss

So after a very difficult loss and diagnoses with a Partial Molar Pregnancy in August 2017 (Read about it HERE), we decided to try to conceive again in December 2017. This was after 3 monthly negative hCg tests, as recommended by leading research from USA, […]

The Beginning

The Beginning

When our little monkey was about 18 months old, we had decided to try for another little. We got pregnant relatively easy the first time, so we expected nothing different this time. So after the first month of trying, on 3 July 2017, a test […]